EC-228 Computer Architecture and Organization 4 (3+1)

BS Computer Engineering Program (Batch 2017)

Course Information

Semester 4th Semester - Spring 2019
Prerequisite EC-121 Digital Logic Design
Course Instructor/s Dr Hashim Ali -
Lab Engineer Engr. Shahbaz Khan -
Office Hours
  • Wednesday, 01:30 - 03:30
  • Friday, 02:30 - 03:30
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    Course Objective

    To introduce the internal working and organisation of various building blocks of a digital computer as well as simple assembly language programming techniques. Upon completion of this course, the student will have basic understanding of computer system architecture including CPU design, memory subsystem design and performance enhancement techniques.

    Course Contents

    Difference between architecture & organisation, design of computer systems and components, processor design, CPU architecture, functional blocks and development of instruction set, design of basic functional blocks PC,IR,CU,ALU etc.), instruction set design, and addressing, control structures and microprogramming, memory management, caches, and memory hierarchies, and interrupts and I/O structures, pipelining of processor Issues and hurdles, exception handling, parallelism, multiprocessor systems, Introduction to superscalar processors (CISC, RISC), cache memory, different designs of cache memory system, virtual memory system, address mapping using pages, pipelining and threading, instruction level parallelism (ILP), introduction to parallel processing, branch prediction, pre-fetching, multithreading.

    Course Learning Outcomes

    Grading Policy

    75% class attendance is mandatory to appear in the examination. Course grades will be determined by the following weights:

    Theory (62%) Laboratory (20%) Project (18%)
    Quizzes 12% Lab Reports 6% Assignments / Project 18%
    Sessional - I 15% Lab Performance 8% -- --
    Sessional - II 15% Viva Voce 6% -- --
    Final Exam 20% -- -- -- --
    Course Total (100%) Theory (62%) + Laboratory (20%) + Project (18%)


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