CS-878 Intelligent Systems 3 (3+0)

MS Computer Science Program

Course Information

Semester Fall 2017
Course Instructor/s Dr Hashim Ali
Email hashim.ali@hitecuni.edu.pk
Office Hours
  • Friday, 02:00 - 04:00
  • Appointment by email
  • Text Book/s

    Grading Policy

    75% class attendance is mandatory to appear in the examination. Course grades will be determined by the following weights:

    Marks Distribution
    Assignment/Project 20%
    Sessional - I 20%
    Sessional - II 20%
    Final Exam 40%
    Course Total 100%

    Lecture Slides

    1. Course Introduction [pdf]
    2. Knowledge-based Intelligent Systems [pdf]
    3. Rule-based Expert Systems [pdf]
    4. Basic Probability Theory [pdf]
    5. Uncertainty Management [pdf]
    6. Artificial Neural Networks
    7. Fuzzy Expert Systems [pdf]


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