CS-202 Microprocessor and Assembly Language 3 (2+1)

BS Computer Science Program (Batch 2017)

Course Information

Semester 4th Semester - Spring 2019
Prerequisite EC-121 Digital Logic Design
Course Instructor/s Dr Hashim Ali - hashim.ali@hitecuni.edu.pk
Lab Demonstrator/s Engr. Abdullah Azhar - abdullah.azhar@hitecuni.edu.pk
Engr. Shahbaz Khan - shahbaz.ce@hitecuni.edu.pk
Office Hours
  • Wednesday, 01:30 - 03:30
  • Friday, 02:30 - 03:30
  • Text Book/s

    Course Objective

    To acquaint the students with the organization, low level programming (Assembly Language), interfacing and applications of microprocessor-based systems.

    Course Contents

    Microprocessor bus structure: addressing, data and control, introduction to registers and flags. addressing modes, instruction sets including data movement, arithmetic and logic, program control, stack and its operation, peripheral control interrupts, introduction to assembler and debugger, manipulation and translation of machine and assembly code, describing actions inside the processing chip.

    Grading Policy

    75% class attendance is mandatory to appear in the examination. Course grades will be determined by the following weights:

    Theory (70%) Laboratory (30%)
    Assignments 2% Lab Reports 8%
    Quizzes 8% Lab Performance 10%
    Sessional - I 15% Viva Voce 6%
    Sessional - II 15% Project 6%
    Final Exam 30% -- --
    Course Total (100%) Theory (70%) + Laboratory (30%)


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    Class Grades

    In case of any issue related to marks, contact instructor immediately.